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Shui Hui Yuan Garden - China-Jiangsu-Nantong

Shuihuiyuang Garden, meaning Water Garden, is a unique Hui-styled garden in all China classic gardens. The Garden was built in Ming Dynasty. Now it contains 3 parts: People’s Park, Yu Xiang An and Shui Ming Lou. Yu Xiang An and Shui Ming Lou is a combination of the characteristics of South and North Chinese Gardens. It’s a masterpiece of Chinese ancient architecture. Rugao Museum is situated in the Garden and with a collection of local precious cultural relics.

Langshan Scenic Area is located at the south suburb of Nantong. It’s the famous natural scenic area which is consisted of Lang Shan, Ma’an Shan, Huangni Shan, Jian Shan and Jun Shan. To the south, there located the Yangtze River.

Wolf Hill (Lang Shan) is at the middle part of the 5 hills with the altitude of 106.94 meters which is the highest among them. On entering of Lang Shan, Farutang is upon the view which was Da Xiong Bao Palace. Then the Jin Gang Palace, Langshan Capeway, Water Paradise, Jianzhen Memorial Pagoda and many other tourist attractions within the scenic area. Meilin Spring Dawn which is perched on the west slope of Ma’an Hill is a building complex in Jiang Nan Garden style.