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Harqin Palace in Chifeng - China-Mongolia-Chifeng

Harqin Palace was built in the 18th year of Emperor Kangxi (1679), with a history of more than 300 years. It is the Mongolian Palace built in Inner Mongolia with the longest history, the largest size, the highest grade, and the best state. It has been completed into Mongolia palace of Qing Dynasty and listed as national key heritage conservation unit by the State Council, and the Mongolian Palace Museum of Qing Dynasty is the national AAAA-class scenic spots. Harqin Palace reflects the regional fractures as well as religious and ethnic characteristics, represents the basic style of the official building in Qing Dynast, with great historical, cultural and scientific value, in 2001 was listed as a key cultural unit by the State Council.

Transportation: 67 km away from Chifeng.  Programs visitors can participate in: the etiquette of welcoming guests in Palace, customs, catering culture, clothing of the Qing Dynasty, large-scale temple fair and Buddhist activities in Fuhui Temple, Longquan Temple and Lingyue Temple.

Wulanbutong grassland is at the southern tip of Hexigten Banner, with a river flowing between it and Saihanba Forest Farm of Weichang County Hebei, 300 km away from Beijing. In the tourist areas there are many scenic spots such as General robe, the site of ancient battlefield, call-officers-roll platform, 12 camps, princess lake, mushroom lake, five-color mountain, and Bashang Grassland.

Wulanbutong is a part of Mulan Royal Hunting Ground, known to the world because Qing Emperor Kangxi commanded the war with Galdan Boshugtu Khan here. And for its charming European-style grassland scenery it becomes well-known film base at home and abroad. Here is a staggered area with hills and plains, with organic combination of forests and grasslands; it has the southern beautiful gentle elegance of the South, and the northern powerful rough masculine. It is comfortable here in four seasons, with sceneries everywhere, it is also the place of photography, natural gallery, and open-air photographic studio.</P> <P>Wulanbutong Grassland, as in a staggered zone of hills and plains, shows features completely different from other grasslands, and with its charming European-style grassland scenery becomes well-known film and televisionbase. Photographers regard here as the town of photography, a base of creation and a high-yield garden of award-winning and outstanding works in previous exhibitions and contests. Artists take it as a model of the oil painting, natural gallery. Television producers consider it as open-air photographic studio.

Wulanbutong tourist zone is full of attractions, beautiful scenery. In summer and fall the weather is pleasant, with abundant recreational projects, and it is the best vacation destination. Transportation: only300 km away from Beijing, 120 km away from Jingpeng.

Programs visitors can participate in: bonfire party, fireworks, ethnic singing and dancing, Mongolian wedding show,film and TV city, horse riding, grass skating, glider, archery, etc